04 January 2012

The Road to Stardom

lost tooth
This little girl lost her first tooth. She wasn't excited or anything.
She also wrote her first rock song. Thanks to a Phineas and Ferb episode for revealing the secret formula. Here is a transcript: oooooo oo Go Go Go Go I am a rocstor If You Evr see my (me) I roc The enD see I feel certain that she will remember us little people when she is an international superstar.


The Stratton's said...

Phineas & Ferb will have inspired an entire generation of performers. Let's hope a few of us parents can get rich off of it :)

msjvd said...

One of my favorite things about Grace is her self-esteem.

She really IS a ROC STOR!

angela michelle said...

Oh my goodness that face!

My5wmd said...

S. lost her first 2 over Christmas break. She wouldn't allow them to be exchanged for $ until she had taken them to show and tell at school.