03 February 2012

Kaloo Kalei

This might be one of my new favorite books. I am now pleased to present, with a little nod, I think, to Mo Willems, phonetic spelling, and Utah drawl, Grace's latest Masterpiece [edited by her mother]:

gramo book (1)
My Gramo [and a pony, so the cover can be appealing]
gramo book (2)
Shy is looking fr hr Gramo
gramo book (3)
I am lookien for my Gramo Can you help me
gramo book (4)
I shood look for aliins
gramo book (5)
I can Not see a aliin [But it can see you, little girl. Look behind the house. The HOUSE!]
gramo book (6)
I am scrymyen
gramo book (7)
I hate this Day
gramo book (8)
I Love this Day
 gramo book (9)
But Y
gramo book (10)
Bycus I Love You [Gramo]
gramo book (11)
Wat [?!] I Loved You?!!!!
gramo book (12)
This is my Happy Day.
gramo book (13)
This is happy.


Anonymous said...

Kay must be so proud! Great book, Grace! Truly an enduring work (as long as mom tucks it away somewhere).

The Stratton's said...

That was cute and I got a good giggle out of it. Please tell Grace that I loved her book and I'm so proud of her fantastic accomplishment.

Jill said...

I loved the book also - and I love Grace's Grandma.

amy said...

The one's a keeper. Hilarious.

The Yoder's Four said...

I love the eyelashes!!

michelle said...

I think she has your creative writing talent and alex's artistic talent!! very cute!