01 March 2012

Laundry Soap follow up + Facebook Triumph

* The other day I was wallowing in misery as I do about every 27 to 30 days. I thought, "I need to find a book to read about how to stop negative thinking." Then I realized that my problem was very ingrained, because if I want that book, I will have to look under "Positive Thinking" at the library.
laundry soap
* I have gone back to regular laundry soap. My whites started to get dingy after a couple batches of the homemade stuff, so I began putting about a tablespoon of regular soap in with the loads. I realized after looking closely at the scoop, that I was now using almost as much as the recommended amount for a load of laundry. Whereas before I had been just getting a scoop about half full and then wondering how I ran out of soap so fast when I would calculate about how many loads I do per week v. how many the box said. It is a conspiracy, I tell you. The laundry soap people are out to get you and me to buy more soap. It is like a Sherlock Holmes level mystery to figure these things out.

Look at line one on that thing. Gaaah! Crazy. So I am now using the correct amount, sometimes a little over if it's a bigger load. I always wait to put the laundry in until after the water dissolves it because our water is so hard, and look at the suds from just the line one amount of soap:
laundry 2

I am annoyed with myself for not figuring this out before. My air-dried clothes are also less stiff now than when I used more soap. They should have a class for people like me. They could call it: Common Sense for Normal People.


* A friend called me to tell me about an estate sale that had fabric, so I checked it out while running errands yesterday. The fabric wasn't really what I was looking for, but I found a great pile of plates. I have wanted to do one of those wall arrangements of plates for a long time. The grape one is hand painted. I got all of these together in a stack for $2, including one plate hanger.

changing pad
* This is a puffy diaper changing pad I am making. I accidentally made a really cute one for a friend awhile ago, so I thought I'd do it again for my cousin. In the middle of stuffing it I ran out of batting, so I asked if anyone on facebook had some they wanted to get rid of. I had three offers, and I got some, with the bonus of visiting with a friend I hadn't talked to in awhile. Also, I didn't have to drive to St. George and back.

So in conclusion, Facebook restored my faith in humanity, and I have overcome my negative thinking spiral for at least another 17 to 20 days.


Marie Says Yes said...

Jenny. You make me laugh.

angela michelle said...

You need to watch this episode of Modern Family re your mysterious recurring malady:

Amy Bigelow said...

CUTE!! I love it Jenny!

The Yoder's Four said...

Ohh that sneaky laundry scoop line!!! I'd always add too much, too. But then again, it does take more soap to clean when you have hard water in the first place and when you're shoving as many clothes as possible into your washer. Finally I just started buying more powerful (aka expensive name brand)detergent, and voila, a smaller amount was sufficient!

I correlate my downward mood swings with not having had retail therapy for a while. One time I even went through all the motions of buying something online, getting all the way to checkout, but then not actually buying it, but the endorphin high was the same!! You should totally try it! :D

Mary said...

I love, love, love the plates! I always use way less laundry soap and there are still plenty of bubbles. I also recently learned that if you have hard water, adding calgon (from the laundry aisle at the store) helps immensely in keeping your clothes cleaner! It takes away the mineral deposits, which attracts dirt, or something like that. Then you can use even less soap!