07 April 2012

Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: Book Review

I mentioned this book on facebook the other day and promised I would review it when I was through.

I recently took my children to the dentist for the first time. Grace is almost six, and apparently I have been shamefully remiss in her care. We have the kids brush their teeth regularly, but I haven't had them floss or done any fluoride anything up to this point.

Henry's teeth looked good, but Grace has already had one followup appointment to fill cavities with more to follow, including a sedation next time, and possibly two root canals as well as caps on some of her teeth. Naturally I was interested in some preventative measures. I looked on Amazon and saw Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye book as well as this one:

I know a friend who has a copy of Cure Tooth Decay, so I thought I would buy the other book and then see if she wanted to trade so we could read both.

Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye is pretty dry, but the information is valuable and interesting. I found myself speed-reading and sometimes skimming so I could get through it.

Basically the author posits that most tooth problems and decay come from acidic conditions in the mouth, which can be improved by a few simple measures taken on a regular basis. She has a special system of rinses and Xylitol supplements she recommends for optimal dental health. This leads me to question her motivation, since she sells her own brand of Xylitol products.

However, if it is hard to find something you have researched and believe in, why not make it more readily available to the people you are trying to educate? The medical journal sources cited in the book seemed good to me. I identified with her holistic approach to health.

I recommend reading the book if you want to know all of the details behind her system. I think it is beneficial to understand the science of the whole thing, but if you just one the one-page summary, it is posted on her website here:


I intend to try the system because I have very bad teeth, and I also like the idea of rinses for children. Grace has had a lot of pain from her first fillings, and she is very uncomfortable when flossing. We have started faithfully flossing every night. It is so much fun. Not.

Dr. Ellie Phillips makes the point that if your flooring is damaged from water and you don't stop the water leak, no matter how many times you fix the flooring, it will keep getting damaged. So it is with acidity and tooth decay. I want to talk to our dentist about fluoride rinses instead of the tablets he prescribed. I think the book does a good job of briefly addressing the issue of water fluoridation, fluorosis, and other issues related to fluoride.  The issue is clearly complex, but Dr. Phillips provides a good overview for those of us who are not educated in the matter. I like how she differentiates between the different chemical compounds of fluoride and explains which ones are safer and in what forms.

The book also addresses the problems athletes have with their teeth. Constant exercise can cause dry mouth and other serious problems with acidity levels in the mouth, so I recommend this book and/or method to athlete friends who might be experiencing problems with their teeth.

I sought out this information for my own benefit. I was not paid anything to write about this book, but the image is an amazon affiliate link, just fyi.


msjvd said...

Jen, I know I have a extremely acid environment in my mouth, so it may be something to do with your genetics.

I recommend wasabi balls. I'm quite certain that mixed with the Trident purchased to balanced the acidity, it will all be better.

The Yoder's Four said...

We made the mistake of letting Madelyn have little Juicy Juice apple juice boxes several times a day when she was a toddler. It was sooo bad for her teeth. We still brushed them, of course, but the acid created about 14 cavities which she had to be sedated for.

Since then she hasn't had a single cavity, thank goodness. Fluoride pills have helped a lot. It makes me so furious that people in Utah refuse to fluoridate the water! It would make such a difference!!

Also, I think you're supposed to start taking your kids to the dentist at age one. Even if they don't do much at first, at least they have their eye on things. I'm so glad we finally got dental insurance so everyone's checkups are covered. I've had to have a lot of work done lately and it sucks big time.

GucciGuiltyReview8 said...

Hi Jen!

You got a lovely blog and thank you for this book review. I was about to purchase it till I saw your review.

I've also been told about "Dentist Be Damned!" by Alice Barnes. Have you try it? I heard it's way beter than the other 2 popular books.