18 April 2012

Miss Jill: Read Her

If any of you have not been reading long enough to know this, I started this blog around five years ago because my friend Jill quit blogging and it left a huge vacuum of happiness and entertainment in my life. Rowena's Rants was originally a recovery therapy attempt from that loss that grew into regular clinical therapy. That is not the point I am trying to make. The point is that, lucky for us all, Jill once again began blogging some time ago. So if you haven't hit the old side bar in awhile, please check out Miss Jill's latest insightful posts. I enjoyed them immensely.

Muslims: They're Just Like US

Evangelicals: They're Just Like US

In an unrelated note, Alex hackintoshed my computer a few months ago, and the loss of Microsoft keyboard shortcuts has left another hole in my heart. Sadly, this hole will not be big enough to launch a new therapy blog. Only mild resentment.

1 comment:

Jesse said...

I think a lot of the shortcuts are the same, aren't they? Or does it not work since the keys are different?