24 April 2012

This Month is Such a Special One

It is B Day Season around here, with four of the five of us in our household graduating to the next age during these few months. Poor Alex has to celebrate off in August all by himself.

S age 1 c

La la la, I am happy with my cake.

S age 1 b

What is that cool object you have pointed at me?

S age 1

Let's go back a few years: 

H age 1
Mmmmm, Cake.

And back two more years...

G age 1 (b)

This cake looks delicious. I think I'll skip the hands. Why is that mean grownup shoving my head toward my cake?

G Age 1

Tiny, Fat, Cute.

Special thanks to Grace for her Connex name tags.

Happy Day to all of my Munchkins this season!


The Stratton's said...

That's totally funny... birthdays at our house are the same... Colby in March, the boys this week... then I'm left to celebrate alone in August too! Although this new one is going to really change things up with a birthday in November. (How weird is that?! :) )

Saddie said...

Chubby cheeks and chocolate - the perfect combination!

Linz said...

CUTE pictures!! Happy birthday to 3 cuties!!

angela michelle said...

You are so clever to take off their clothes before they tackle the cake! I've never thought of that all this time and now it's too late!

msjvd said...

Think how mad he's going to be when he realizes you gave him the WRONG NAME!

Haha! Did Grace always eat with her legs straight out? They have all been incredibly cute from the git-go!

The Yoder's Four said...

Love it!! Such cute babies and I love 1st birthday cake pics! Happy birthday to all! :)

The Rookie said...

You two just need to keep making babies. The end.

Mary said...

Adorable babies!