24 May 2012

Notes for Spring

Here are a few things I seem to need to remember from time to time.

* When you start cooking on the propane stove on the back porch because it is too hot for the kitchen, Keep Eyelashes and Eyebrows and Newly Returning Post-Birth Forehead Hair at a Great Distance from the Flame. EVERY TIME. Not just the first time.

* If you plant your garden in nitrogen rich compost, do not pour more nitrogen rich Miracle Grow on them when they start to wither from the burn in the nitrogen rich soil.

* When you ask Alex the baby's name, weight, length, or for any detail relating to a birth, do not expect him to know the answer. He will, however, expect you to know which generation of iPad your sister got when you announce that to him.

* It doesn't matter how many times you deliver your important address on the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech to Alex or the mirror or the timer on the stove. If you read it to the City Council, you will sound like a ninny due to nerves.

* Fresh Salsa. Don't forget fresh salsa in the spring. Mmmmmm. I bet it will be better in the summer if any of my tomato plants survive that long, though. Mmmmmm. Anticipation.

* School getting out is a good thing. Even though it is a Change in Schedule, it is an improvement because you will no longer have to repress your anger at the School District for the absurd way they write their own schedule with no consideration for anyone but themselves. They do not care that it is difficult for you to remember that Fridays are different, that every random once in awhile, Mondays will be different, and oh, throw in that another every once in awhile, your kindergartener will just not go to school. For a week. When it is summer, you can stop composing these angry letters in your mind, and have a peaceful, serene mental landscape.

* There are worse evils than Changes in Schedule.

* In case you forgot, there are far worse evils than Changes in Schedules.

* Flexibility is good. Flexibility is our friend. Flexibility is Not our Mortal Enemy.

* No one wants to serve in the Cub Scouts. Someone has to do it anyway.

* If you buy a garden hose, when you come home, Alex will say, "We have a hose in the shed." This is great, because a couple of weeks later, you can return the hose and buy plants to re-plant the half of the garden you burned to death with Nitrogen.


Mary said...

I trust that none of these things has ACTUALLY happened to you...

The Yoder's Four said...


The Stratton's said...

I always get so excited to see when you've posted something on your blog. Good luck filling that cub scout calling! We have an over fertilized problem in our garden too... darn.

Marie Says Yes said...


Well done, Jenny. You did not sound like a ninny. I just know it. You sounded like a lioness.