28 June 2012


my own apricots

My very own apricots that I grew in my very own yard. For my very own.

Egg Roll5

I made these egg rolls and then felt the joy of Victory soon after because Henry, my most evil villain picky eater son, ate them. Voluntarily. They are the egg roll wrapper package recipe, with tofu and peanuts instead of sausage.

quinoa salad

This is a quinoa salad. I throw a little cold quinoa, black beans, and whatever colorful veg I have in the kitchen together with a mix of olive oil, red wine vinegar, brown sugar, and salt and pepper to taste.

smoky tempeh and greens

My friend pointed me to Veganomicon, a great big book of Vegan recipes, which includes sections on how to cook various grains, legumes, and vegetables. The spunky writing style is very entertaining. This pan is smoky tempeh, which Alex liked, but I don't think I am a fan of the smoked flavor. I had a hard time with the texture of the tempeh, too. I think I just don't dig bean patty-ish stuff unless it is sliced in half and full of veggies.

veganomicon wheat free cookies

I tried this cookie recipe, also from Veganomicon. It is a wheat free cookie with no eggs or cow's milk either. I thought the texture was great, crisp and chewy, just the way I like. It is also valuable to me right now because I have a ton of oats that I need to use, and grinding them to oat flour is a great way to burn through them.

blueberry vegan ice cream 2

This is probably one of my favorite things I have tried from Veganomicon yet. It is a dairy free ice cream, which uses soy milk and coconut cream for the base. Someone gave us an ice cream maker for our wedding. I should write them a second thank you note to tell them how much fun I have had with that dear machine. I made this stuff for my sister's birthday because dairy has been wreaking havoc with her immune system lately, so she is taking a break from it.

My cousin Liz asked after my last post about where I am getting recipes. So far, Veganomicon has given me a few, but otherwise I am just working my way through this:

Month of Vegetarian Recipes.

The salsa scramble and pad thai are both sourced from that thing, and it has been a great platform to get us eating more vegetables. I have made egg rolls a few times before, so this time I just tried them with smaller cubes of tofu than I usually cook. The only other adjustment I make is that I throw a little sesame oil in the pan with the regular oil to add flavor, and I bought some ginger chili thai dipping sauce to try with it.

Thanks to Liz for bringing up the term Flexitarian. It sounds like that is where we are headed, people who just eat meat less than average and plants more than average.


amy said...

Try the hot sauce glazed tempeh and see if it changes your mind, as it did mine. Unless you hate spicy foods, in which case, do not make it under any circumstances.

I am wildly impressed.

I am also always interested to see what others are drawn to in a cookbook I also own. I've never made any of those recipes! And I've had other friends buy it, and they all try totally different ones, too. Someone should analyze this, like they do with handwriting.

I love apricot jam. I hope one day to drown in stone fruits from my own trees.

Over and out.

Tigger said...

I made the salsa scramble for dinner tonight. We actually ate it over a bed of greens with salsa and chip pieces to top it. It was a great way to use up all the little chip leftovers that usually get thrown away.
Ryan said he would eat it again. In fact I think he ate the leftovers for his evening snack.
Thanks for the idea Jen. I am excited to try the Ped Thai.

Liz said...

YES! I'm inspired. You have, in fact, changed my life (dietarily speaking, of course). I'll try this and I'll be adapting it to gluten free, so that will be a fun adventure! I'll send anything fun along your way.

msjvd said...

Your link to Veganimicronogramoronicisitiousness didn't work for me. Which makes me sad. Because I really wanted to know how to make that purple stuff for MY ice cream maker.

Kate said...

Thanks for the link to the Month of Recipes... we have been on the lookout for a good one of these!

betsey said...

Loving all your posts about changing your families eating habits. You are great at being realistic, while actually trying and I love that. I just did my menu planning for a week and we are doing a lot of the things that you've been trying. Thanks for the inspiration.