06 June 2012

Hair Cuts, and Other Stuff


cut hair




My dear friend, Jennifer, begins chemotherapy for Breast Cancer, today. I have been thinking about this subject almost incessantly for the last two months, since she informed us of her diagnosis in late April or early May. Since that time she has had all sorts of nasty needles, tests, and knives applied to her in a long parade of medical unhappy places.

So, I just wanted to write a few reasons why my friend Jennifer makes me happy, and why I plan on her living a very long time and avoiding recurrence.

* She will have to grow her beautiful raven locks back after they fall out, though actually I am digging her current short cut enough that I shamelessly copied it.

* She is so funny, and I need her around to make me laugh. Alex and I have a weird sense of humor, and it is not super common that someone's humor matches ours very well, but Jennifer's does. She is not replaceable. She must use her sense of humor as a tool in her fight. She has already started doing that. I saw on her facebook today a t-shirt that says, "Yeah, they're fake. My real boobs tried to kill me!" Love it.

* I can think of Six Big Reasons who all live in the same house with her. Her youngest Big Reason was born a month or two before my oldest Big Reason to Beat Cancer. Incidentally, can you imagine any woman leaving her Biggest Reason to take care of all of the other Big Reasons by himself? Yeah, not an option.

* She is so smart, and she knows all about movie stars and drama and production stuff. I need her to be here when I have questions about that stuff since I live in a world of obscureness from all pop culture and refined society. 

* She is one of those Mean Moms, like me. So in my mind, her body must now just use its Mean Mom voice, and say to any misbehaving cells, "Oh no you don't, or you'll wish you hadn't! And we are NOT talking some piddly TIME OUT!"

* I have been sort of dreading when her baby goes to first grade, because she says she won't come to our pot luck at the park on Tuesdays as often. But I think she should. I need to pick her brain for recipes, and hear her stories, and just sit with her even when I don't have anything to say. She has uncommon common sense. She reads voraciously, and I need her book reviews.  I plan to wear red and purple hats and go out to lunch with her when we are very old, and our children are raised. We can talk about how nice it is to send our grandchildren home with their parents and get a good night's sleep.

That is my plan, Jennifer. I place my faith in you to withstand the awfulness of the two eight-week rounds, recover, and finish the life we are both planning on you living.

Also, if you need a walking partner when you feel crappy, I am very, VERY slow. So keep me in mind.


msjvd said...

My college BFF just finished her chemotherapy. It gives one a new sense of the need to intensely LIVE YOUR LIFE, and that spreads itself all around that person. If you let it, it can really enrich your life, Jenny, and invest you more completely in hers.

And obviously, you've let it make you look all cute!

Kate said...

Eleemosynary intent aside, this haircut fits you magnificently.

Rock it!

Jesse said...

LOVE the haircut. I wish I could pull that off. A tear and a prayer for your friend. I am so humbled and amazed by the brave people who have to fight cancer. Especially the mamas.

Marie Says Yes said...

I seriously, truly love your hair.

I have great faith and hope in the power of faith and hope and effort. Thinking about your friend and knowing she can do GREAT THINGS, because she won't ever be alone. GO, JENNIFER!

GOLD'N PLUM said...

I love your haircut. :)

Prayers for Jennifer.
Cancer SUCKS, but with great friends, it's a bit more bearable.

Here's some unsolicited advice: when you're prompted, just bring dinner over, or just go do her dishes or help with driving the kids around.
Don't ask what you can do to help. Almost no one, especially the awesome ones like Jennifer sounds like, will EVER really ask for help. :(

~Sarah in WA (strange blogger)

sammygrace said...

I too love the haircut. And my prayers will be with Jennifer. But I don't want you to wear red and purple hats---I think you should start your own club, because I've had to serve red and purple hat wearers one too many times, and well....you should just start your own club. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

You look so cute! Tell Jennifer we're rooting for her and we wish we lived closer so we could help her out. I can't even imagine going through chemo with a houseful of kids to take care of!! She's lucky she has such a supportive friend.

Just Me And The Boys said...

You look great! I know those kinds of drastic changes take guts and are a big risk sometimes but you really pull it off. I've NEVER been brave enough to go that short. I commend you on your courage. :)

My5wmd said...

May I say that good, true friends are among the Big Reasons? Truly. Thank you.