11 June 2012

Le Jardin

Here is a little photo report on the garden this year.

Baby Butternut

Baby Tomato

Even Smaller Baby Tomato

Melon Blossom. Say that out loud. Mellifluous.

Baby Zucchini. I photographed the process of pollenating this very zuke with a q-tip, and apparently Mother Nature felt demure and cursed my SD card as a result. The photos were unceremoniously re-formatted by Alex this morning.

Not-Baby Apricots. They are almost Fully Armed and Operational.

I am trying out some shade cloth, and with our wind, they are already sagging. I am thinking and researching more about this subject, but not reaching conclusions. I would love advice on the matter.

basil thai
Thai Basil

basil spicy globe
Spicy Globe Basil

basil sweet
Sweet Basil. No, I am not trying for a Bruschetta world record. I heard that Basil keeps the bugs away from tomato plants. If you are local and need fresh basil, I can hook you up.

Salsa Scramble3
This is a recipe called Salsa Scramble, which I downloaded with a month of vegetarian meals from a site called Eat Close to Home. This is the follow up to The China Study changing my life. After reading it I was convinced that we need to move to a more heavily plant-based diet, and that the best way is setting a goal of being vegetarian. I was not convinced to become vegan and abandon all animal products, but I definitely think we need to eat way more plants than our family is eating.

So far we have tried the first three recipes from the download with a two successes and one fail. The salsa scramble was delicious, the General's Tofu was very good. I ate the rest for lunch before photographing it today, and it was even better than last night. The scrambled eggs and greens, well, we threw the rest of the pan of those away. I used red chard, perhaps that is where I went wrong?

Oat Groats and Kale5
This is Oat Groats and Kale, from Martha Stewart. My sister and I bought a huge bag of oat groats to share, and so I googled groat recipes and came up with this. I thought it was very good, and Grace liked it better than the Salsa Scramble. We had them on the same night.

Most of the recipes include brown rice, and I cooked ours with about a third pearl barley, which added nutritional and textural variety. It is an adjustment, but based on the nutrition, one we are willing to make. 

Watch for more reports. I am especially enjoying the adventurous side of more plant foods. I cooked beets and quinoa in the same pot today. Exciting.


sammygrace said...

Hey wanna be my chef? I'm not sure what many of the ingredients are that you mentioned, but if grace likes em, and if they turn out like everything else you make which is yummy, then I'm willing to try them. So, again I ask you, chef for sammy? when her nausea goes away of course...cuz you got skillz.

amy said...

Your garden is gorgeous. Glad you're finding some good recipes. If you discover any real show stoppers, please share. I'll do the same!

The Stratton's said...

Jenny! Your garden documentation is inspiring :) I've been thinking I needed to do that and just haven't gotten on the ball. I accidentally left my hose on low tonight and then ran to the store, ate some dinner, wasted more time, and then when I realized I never turned the water off, my ENTIRE garden was under a nice little lake. Whoops! Good thing all my plants are fairly mature now... I hope there will be no tragic drownings.

I was going to tell you that the people at Backyard Gardens & Gifts on Dixie Dr. in St. George have been the absolute most helpful people to me when it comes to all things garden. I am sure if you took a moment to stop by there and ask some questions about the shade cloth they could help you out. I have found that Chris, Angela, and Adele are the most helpful to me... but Andy is full of all kinds of tidbits I am glad I've learned and the rest of them are super nice and helpful and if they don't know the answer they will help you find the person who would. I love them over there.

Sorry about the reformatting. That is always such a tragic event.

msjvd said...

Ok, I'm down with ALL of this, but I do want to know one thing. What happens when I come to visit and want to make cake? Am I going to have to eat it by myself?

Jen said...

No. You MUST share the cake. I believe once a year would be entirely acceptable for it.

Jesse said...

Your garden and your shade apparatus are both so beautiful. We had a devil of a time figuring it out on our end, but it has proven worthwhile. Great job!

Gina said...

Your garden looks beautiful! I have never heard of shade cloth, but it looks really cool, and definitely makes you look like an expert! ... Excited to hear more about the book. Way to try all of those new foods! They actually sounded pretty good!