05 July 2012

Exciting Announcement

Last time I was pregnant, I had like six or seven friends who were pregnant at the same time, and all due within a month. Two of those friends have informed me of another pregnancy lately, and a third told me her good news today. So I would just like to announce for the record that I am NOT pregnant, nor do I plan to be for some time.

I have, however, received a job offer. I will be starting a part-time job next week at Dr. Carter's office. I am excited and nervous for various reasons.

In other random notes:

I hate evil zucchini killing squash bugs with a great passion.

The other day Alex said, "Scott, you are evil."
Grace said, "Yeah, if by 'evil' you mean really cute, then yes, he's evil."

Now I have to close this post because Alex is playing a youtube video of Bohemian Rhapsody with some guy making weird squeaking  hand noises in the background, and my brain has lost all capacity to function, much less type.


Jill said...

Try slicing a cucumber in an aluminum pie pan and putting it next to your zucchini plant. I read the other day that bugs don't like the smell the combination those two items make. The article said it wouldn't fail..... It's worth a try!

The Stratton's said...

Love it! My garden is about to go from organic to "un-organic" because of the darn pests I have found in my squash and now some jerk spiders pestering my tomatoes! Not cool!

sammygrace said...

I have yet to call you back, promise I will, still have to chat w you. But- while i'm at work and on computer- did i tell you that Grace told Henry (last time I watched them) that if he ate the crust part of his toast then he would grow big muscles like the hulk. He totally believed his sister because she's way more trustworthy than any adult, and thus he ate the crust. I think Grace needs an Amazing Big Sister Award or something. :)

Linz said...