16 July 2012

Fourth of July




To the barbecue we brought the little ham pictured above, 

Jicama-avocado salad with watercress, spicy citrus dressing, with peanuts,

Very bad spring rolls, (For a good recipe, check out Coconut Shrimp spring rolls my friend Liz's blog HERE.)

And a cobbler, because I felt bad bringing only weird food when everyone else brought normal stuff like potatoes and teriyaki chicken.


sammygrace said...

your children are so cute. ask me to babysit again. if Henry keeps that smile up, you will have to fighting off the girls with itch-bombs and weird food. You won't have to fight off boys for Grace, because Henry will continue to eat the crusts off his toast thus giving him Hulk muscles which he can use to fight them off for her. And Scott is so adorable I don't know what the solution for him yet is, but I'll start writing up some ideas...

p.s. your food isn't really weird, it's cool, and what I've tasted has been yummy too.

Brittany said...

Your pictures are so bright! I am having trouble with my camera. I took pictures at 1200, 800, and 400 ISO in my house and they are all very dark. I can't figure out what is going on....

Dansie Family said...

They still look good to me. I need to make spring rolls again. What other fun fillings have you tried?

msjvd said...

I LOVE HAM! And cobber! And Cuddles! And skinny boys. Could you send me some?