06 July 2012

Regarding Casual Friday

Husband, in pajama pants.  Late afternoon.

Wife: "I disapprove of this whole Casual Friday policy, you know. Casual Friday is more of a jeans and t-shirt or polo shirt thing. Not a bathrobe thing."

Husband: "Hey, I work at home. There aren't THAT many perks!"

Okay husband. I concede. Wear your pajama pants all day Friday. But come Monday, you are shaving AND wearing Big Boy Pants.


The Yoder's Four said...

My kids didn't get dressed today until about 6:30 pm, when we were finally going to leave the house. Every day when I tell Madelyn to get dressed (you know, because it's nearing the afternoon), she's like, "Why? Are we going somewhere?! Is someone coming over?!"...

Alex is forgetting a huge perk of working from home--getting interrupted 27,000 times a day from your adorable children, just like you do!! Now he can appreciate you more fully, AND you get to leave them all at home while you go out and have adult interaction at the office. I have to say--I'm excited for you.

The Rookie said...

I would wear pajamas every day if I worked at home. I'd also get super greasy, unwashed hair and a mad case of depression.

Pots and Pins said...

Where do I begin?!?! Love the new haircut, can't believe you grow your own Thai basil! And apricots!!! I'm SO jealous! Loved the post on eating more plants...I'm trying to do that, too, except for the occasional slab of bacon...had to laugh at the casual Friday post...my mom thinks Bill Gates is the reason our country is going to "hellinahandbasket"...because he really made casual Friday into an every day thing...if she ran the world everyone would be dressed for the Sabbath 24 hours a day! You always make me smile - thanks!! Oh, and I will admit to being just a tad bit sad to read you are not pregnant...only because you have such dang cute kids! Okay, this has turned into a novella...sorry!! xo, Nan