08 August 2012

Rock Star, Pinky, Dinner

No, we did not eat one of the turtles for dinner after it became famous. This post is completely random. Each item is unrelated to the others. Except that they all pertain to the mundane little details of my life that I don't find boring.

rock star

This is a picture of a shirt Grace designed. I had to check out my new Joann store in Washington, and she informed me that she needed black, white, and pink fabric. When we got home I told her to draw a picture of what she wanted, and that is what she drew. So we did it. Actually, I did it, and she supervised. She said that "This is what rock stars wear." Gotta have the threads even before you are big, people.

pinky sunning

This is Pinky, our painted turtle, sunning herself. Alex is teaching a photography class at Dixie State College this semester, so he has been practicing his art as a warm up, and I must say he did a great job here. I will not comment on the irony of him teaching when I have had way more classes on the subject than he will. No, I will not.

This is our dinner tonight, in three stages.

First, chopped up.


Second, starting to fry. Call me weird, but sometimes I think vegetables are just beautiful.


Third, with the sauce. This dinner happens around once a week for us. I chop whatever veg I have, stir fry it with drained, pressed tofu, and try some random packet of Asian flavors from the grocery store. Alex loves it when I throw in some raw peanuts to lightly toast with the stir fry veggies. This was Kung Pao chicken flavor. Alex and I both liked it. We are still waiting for that whole, "parental example of good eating will lead to children who eat healthy" thing to set in.

 I grew that squash, and I picked it before the bugs who must not be named carried it off. So there.


msjvd said...

Gorgeous post of great photos. The comments were fun, too, but exceptionally great photos.

Saddie said...

vegetables ARE beautiful. i also find it oddly pleasurable to chop them up.

The Yoder's Four said...

That is seriously the cutest shirt you and Grace made. Madelyn would definitely approve. How is the new Jo-Ann?? Is it fabulous??