11 August 2012


I don't normally shoot weddings alone, but I went as an assistant and second shooter to a wedding in late June, and you can see a few of my shots over at Andréa Stratton's blog,


Thank you for letting me join you, Andréa. I had a magnificent time.

There were elements of Persian culture at the wedding that I loved. I wished the caterer were not so intimidating because I wanted to ask him how he made his tzatziki. It was magnificent. I have not tried googling that, so maybe it will be one of my next culinary challenges.


The Stratton's said...

Let me know if you figure out tzatziki! I love that stuff.
I seriously cannot tell you with words how much I loved having you along. You caught so many fantastic shots...

msjvd said...

Geez, Jenny, I already gave you my famously good recipe. I will share it again:

Go to Costco.
Get out of car.
Go inside and walk to deli refrigerator areas.
Get large container of tzatziki.

The Yoder's Four said...

Great pictures! I love the one of the socks. What a big, beautiful wedding with so many happy looking people. I'm dying over those yellow dahlias in the bride's bouquet.