24 September 2012

Quilts and Tortoise

In other news, we are now the proud Animal Husbands to One Enormous Tortoise, Two Aquatic Turtles, and One Box Turtle.

I will only share a photo of Maximus, our African Sulcata, who weighs in at around 25 lbs and may grow as large as 200 lbs. I told Alex he must feed them and water them and clean up their ickys and everything, because I have my hands quite full enough with three children. Thank you very much. Alex spent all of last Saturday creating a heated home for Max, since he is not supposed to experience temps below 60, and it is hovering there at night right now.


And these are the quilts I have been working on this summer. One of them was for the Peach Days Challenge which I did not win. Again. The challenge was hand quilting, and you may gather my sentiments on that from my work.
Quilts 2012_5.jpg

Quilts 2012_6.jpg

This one is for one of my baby sisters, who will be birthing a wee girl hopefully sometime in December. The line of fabric (excepting the wild back) is called "Oh Deer."

Quilts 2012_4.jpg

Quilts 2012_3.jpg

Quilts 2012_2.jpg


Linz said...

I want a tortoise.

SUPER cute quilts!!! I can NOT believe you didn't win. That quilt is a CLASSIC!!! Beautifully done! Be proud. You won in my book!! :)

The Stratton's said...

I love your sister's quilt! I that the one you were working on at Relief Society? I kept meaning to come chat with you and check it out because I loved the colors (and I love chatting with you).

Jen said...

It is the one from RS. I was finishing sewing down the binding. It will be at my house a week or two more, so you might see it if you come over before the baby shower. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

That orangey quilt is ADORABLE. I have some of that tree fabric...I love your little birds, too. I loathe hand quilting as well.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the quilts! Those are so cute! And it was fun to get to see your tortoise.. Conner sure loves it :)

Tigger said...

I can't wait to see your tortoise in person! I am so proud that I know someone who owns a real live tortoise!

The quilts are darling! I voted for yours at peach days. When I saw that particular quilt, it screamed "I am Jenny's quilt" at me. ;)