31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

scott lipstick
Earlier in the day, after the older kids had donned their costumes and gone to school, Scott decided that he too must join in the fun of dressing up. He took matters into his own hands while his mother was distracted by the ever beckoning laundry.

Thanks to big sister for leaving her lipstick where he could easily reach it.

Phineas 1

This is my Phineas.


This is my Ferb, complete with upside-down $3 t-shirt remake pants. This was a difficult image to capture as "Ferb" was not a huge fan of his head gear. I should have made some sort of difficult tying apparatus on the spot where the velcro should have gone. I finished the costumes late last night, so they were all without velcro there either.

Candace the Platypus

This is my crowning costumal achievement, Candace the Platypus. Grace did not want to wear Perry's detective hat, so she opted for the day Candace and Perry switched bodies.

Tonight we broke with our Trunk or Treat tradition and went old-school trick or treating in Toquerville. (Wow, that was an alliterative sentence.) I decided I prefer the old school method for the following reasons:

1. All of that practice at not getting run over by a car in the dark. Seriously, people were genuinely careful, and so were my kids. It was a valuable life skill practicing experience.

2. The fun of getting tricked by someone hiding in a costume on their porch and scaring Henry so badly that he started running down the sidewalk back toward me. I felt bad he was so terrified, but it was so cute. He has a good survival instinct.

3. The delight of someone else's trick being Santa hats and a warm wish of Merry Christmas! at the door.

4. Way more exercise than a trunk or treat.

5. Way less candy than a trunk or treat. 

The only unfortunate side effect of our foray is that we visited with family too long afterward and now have an entire bowl of candy that we were not back early enough to pass out. Happily, one of Alex's co-workers is headed to Haiti on Saturday, and she said I can put it in sandwich bags and send it with her as a donation. Score!


The Stratton's said...

That's a great trick... Santa opening the door... haha.

Tigger said...

how fun! I love their costumes! Your kids look so cute! Henry was so fun at preschool today. He removed his Phineus head so much I was afraid he would lose it! I am so glad he didn't and it looks like you all had a wonderful time!

The Yoder's Four said...

Grace looks ADORABLE!! I hope your children fully appreciate what you went through for them in making their costumes. I'm holding the fact that I made Mark's against him for a good 5 years worth of pay-me-back favors.