10 November 2012

Another Quilt, Another Job

Patriotic Quilt
This is the first queen sized quilt I have finished. My dad commissioned it in early February, and I am impressed with myself that I finished it in under a year. I know most readers have seen it on facebook, just wanted to share here in case any blog readers missed it.

I got another job. It is funny, because I was doing okay at just Momming it. I reminded myself that any job had unpleasant duties every time I had to do the dishes, etc. It was working. Then my friend who lives down the street came up to me at church and asked if I have an English degree. "Why, yes. Yes I do," I replied. She said the troubled youth home where she teaches English needed another English teacher, and they needed someone who had a degree in the subject. The principal called me a few weeks later, and I arranged to go see the school, after half-deciding not to take the position.

I went to see the school, and I just got all excited about it. My class size is always under 10 students, and I can really work one-on-one with them. They all come in at different times, because the school has rolling enrollment. This poses a challenge for me because they are all at different places in their syllabi. However, since there are fewer than 10 of them, I can just go around the room looking at what they are doing, helping and encouraging them. I prepare a brief, general lesson for the beginning of class, correct a sentence with them, and then grade and help them get their work done.

I have zero discipline problems, because if they give me any trouble I refer them to the staff. The school is located in Virgin, which means the drive out there is gorgeous because I look at the mouth of Zion National Park all the way.  

So far, I am loving it. They were desperate enough for my degree that I said, "Can I just work six hours a week?" and they said, "Sure." This means a few of my students have me for two or three hours at a time to get the time they need. 

I like the program. The boys have to memorize a long quote each week and pass it off before they are allowed to do their regular homework. They have been learning the Declaration of Independence for the last few weeks. They also go running every day, and judging by the delicious smells coming from the kitchen every afternoon, I imagine they are pretty well fed, too. It seems like a hopeful place.

So far, it has not impacted our family negatively in my opinion. I get home early enough to get dinner on the table, so we don't have the unhappy low blood sugar hour associated with my previous job.

And the most important thing, really, is that I now have guilt-free spending money for my quilting habit.


Jess said...

Beautiful quilt! And congrats on the job. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

YAY for guilt free spending money! That is the best part about having a job! I'm glad you're getting to put your degree to use.

Gorgeous quilt, btw.

Linz said...

Beautiful quilt!!!! Congratulations!!

And Congrats on the job! That sounds awesome!