27 November 2012

Reasons Rowena is Grateful

Here is a little list of reasons I am feeling gratitude this year, in addition to my usual gratitude for running water, warm air, flushing toilets, and cleansers containing bleach. 

* When Scott found the scissors lying on top of my Halloween quilt, he only cut five small holes, which were fairly easy to repair.

* Henry and Grace have learned to take turns. (Though I would not mind if next time they shared being sick at the same time, instead of taking turns, so that we would not have to cancel and rearrange our lives for two weeks instead of one.)

* I did not live in China in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

* Whatever bright, kind souls decided to make daylight savings time coincide with the end of the Halloween candy. I think they are kindred spirits to the people who always send home Disney or Festival or [insert X expensive thing your child will nag you for] Fliers via the Elementary School Propaganda and Paraphernalia Distribution Machine.

* I bought too much cream for the soup I made for our family reunion progressive dinner.

* The recipe for Eclair Cake, which helped me use the excess cream.

* Running, which will help me burn off my calories from eating too many cream filled products.

* Henry's four-year-old speech pattern. I am wiwy, wiwy gwateful fow that one. His speech fills my heart with glee, daily.

* Our Christmas tree, which has no decorations below about three feet off the ground, and a heavy smattering of cheer all over the top. My responsible older children have taken it upon themselves to place any decoration that Scott removes in a place out of his reach.


Tigger said...

I love it! What great things to be grateful for. I hope my older chi
Dren will be that responsible when we get our Christmas tree up.

Lisa said...

LOL that is what our tree is going to look like this year... all the decorations at the very very top...haha....

msjvd said...

Wouldn't that be "gwee?"

As in, "His speech fills my heart with gwee, daily."

(It's very cool to be commenting on one blog post, and finish only to find another one to read, btw!)

The Yoder's Four said...

Oh my gosh I love your tree.

Luke pronounces his name "Wuke", and it is the cutest thing ever.