13 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012


It is that happy time of year again, in which we compose our annual Christmas letter. At my work, the boys each had to write a poem for their monthly large group project. I thought it would be fun to carry the grand tradition home to our family with some scathingly horrible doggerel filled with misplaced modifiers, rotten rhythm, and various other grammatical and literary crimes. In writing this together, we discovered that Alex hates bad rhythm as much as I detest slant rhyme. So here you have it. Anything with good rhythm was probably Alex's idea.

Dear Family and Friends,

For house with heat, and food to eat,
For children healthy, employers wealthy,
For pest control, and wheels that roll,
For music sweet, and holiday treats,
We are Thankful.

For grad school done in summer late,
And teaching fun at Dixie State,
for turtles (many), which frustrated Jenny,
a forgiving wife, and abundant life,
Alex is very Thankful.

For not having given birth,
and gently disciplining her children for all she is worth,
For teaching English, her work of joys,
at Liahona Academy, a school for boys,
Jenny is Thankful.

For Barbies and for marking pens,
For Spanish Immersion, and neighbor friends,
Grace is Thankful.

For strength of will, and his new train,
For Grandpa's truck, and his own clever brain,
Henry is Thankful.

For emptied kitchen drawers, and open bathroom doors,
For his handsome face, his saving grace, 
Scott is Thankful.

For all of you, in our lives,
And for not being broken out in hives,
The C Family is Thankful.



The Stratton's said...

I absolutely love it! Especially the explanation for Scott's life continuing on :) Alex's verse is pretty great too. His wife is lovely.

Queen Elizabeth said...

BEST Christmas verse ever. I esp. love the part about "not giving birth". I'm right there with you.

The Yoder's Four said...

Love it!! Happy Christmas to all!