19 December 2012

Sock Possibilities

I noticed this week that my clean laundry pile of socks alone is far larger in volume than the clean sock piles of the rest of the family combined.

I have settled on two possible explanations.

Either I wear more socks than anyone else because I wear a day pair, a night pair, and on some days a jogging pair of socks, leading to a possibility of up to three pair per day.

Or, and I think this is more likely, as official laundress of the horde, I care the most about both of my socks entering the system that they may again reach my sock drawer together. As evidence that I am right on this, I offer that of the eight single socks to make it to the single sock bowl this week, only one was mine.

I would calculate the relationship and ratio of sock success, but I am an English nerd, not a math one, and I think from the evidence a conclusion is clear. My sock usage is the most successful in the house, in more ways than one.

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