07 January 2013

Happy Anyo Nuevo

We had a very merry Christmas, and so far this new year has been literally unbelievably good.

For many years I have cherished the belief that teaching on a college level was Alex's destiny. For many years we researched graduate programs, waiting for some sort of warm fuzzy to let us know the time and school were right. While I was in the middle of expecting Scott, helping Alex open his own business, and taking care of someone special after a crazy accident, Alex found the school of warm fuzzies, and he enrolled shortly after Scott's arrival.

Late last summer one of Alex's clients offered him a half to 3/4ish time dreamy job, and he accepted. Then later last summer, the college called and offered to allow him to teach two classes. All the while, he has still been running the business out of our home. To cut to the chase of all of this blathering, Alex applied for a full-time, tenure track position at Dixie College, and the job was offered to him in the middle of last week.

After Alex's interview he was sure he had not got the position, because he felt that he bombed a couple of questions, so it has been a tense and worrisome few weeks. But we are filled with joy, and I am filled with a strange sort of wonder. Can this really be true? After all of the waiting and the work and the other various challenges, is it real? Today when I kissed him goodbye, it was to a day that would end in teaching his first class at 3:00.

I admit, it is still a little unbelievable for me. I don't know when it will really sink in. Maybe it will sink in when I take my children to the dentist with real insurance? Maybe it will sink in when he is grading projects? Who knows? Not me. All I know is that my husband seems thrilled with his jobs, and when he is happy, I too am thrilled.

Now. In the interest of keeping this post practical, I have made these fries enough now to have a couple of notes.

Oven Fries have eluded me for a long time. I have finally figured out that these things help achieve the product I am after:

*A french fry cutter, in the name of uniformity and fun.
*Soaking the fries for a half hour or so in salty water and then patting them dry before seasoning.
*My favorite seasoning is vegetable oil (crisps better than olive), sugar (Judge me. I know. I don't care. They taste so good.) chili powder, a hint of cumin, paprika, salt, and pepper.
*A darker pan or roasting pan crisps a little better than those jelly roll pans that I call cookie sheets because I am from Utah.

Decemberween 2012-7

This little boy got presents, even though he may have deserved a side of coal.

Decemberween 2012-3

Decemberween 2012-8

Grace insisted on donning those pajamas first thing, and wearing them all day. The sword has rarely left Henry's hand since he received it. 

Decemberween 2012-10

Scott is very fond of his new guitar / piano / drum toy. It was not uber-cheap, but since we only gave this one two toys, it seems to have been well worth it. 

I'm going to throw this photo on because I am just so happy for my sweetheart. He is doing well at his other jobs of dad and husband, too. Way to go, Alex!

You see that? An exclamation point. That way you know just what a state of amazement I am feeling.


Angie said...

Yay! Congrats to you both, how very exciting!

Liz said...

Yay yay yay! I love everything about all of this. Congrats.

The Yoder's Four said...

Congrats, Alex! What happiness. Mark recently looked into teaching at SUU (just a night class or something). You people are so brainy.

Jelly roll pans/cookie sheets....same difference....I think I got at least six of those for my wedding.

angela michelle said...

Congrats on the jobs!