15 February 2013

Valentine Tails

Valentines tails of love
By Grace
Valentines tails of love
5.... The Mystery of Valentines Day
11.... The Love crash of sadness
17... The Love Transformer
20 .... Whats my Valintine
24.... The giant Heart
25..... The Valentines Hug
The Mystery of Valinines Day? Once upon a time there was 7 kids. The 7 kids loved to play games.
Every kid loved each other.
7 kids
One day on Tuesday the 7 kids were playing on the playground when they saw something go speedy past them. They did not know what it was!
What they saw had Heart glasses.
On Valentines day the 7 kids thought about ech other They found out what it was ...
It was the love bunny. [If I could dedicate this particular story, I would dedicate it to Zina.]
The love crash of sadness
Once upon a time there was 3 little girls. the littleest one was named Grace the midium was named Sussie the biggest one was trisha. Thye loved ech other so much they walked home together every day.
 One day on Saturday the girls were playing at trishas house in the rain. Then a bubble picked them up!
They sang in it.
Finally the bubble poped. When it poped they had wings! They flew home with birds in there hair. Trish said, "This is the worst day ever."
One day Suzzie's Heart blue up! She went along with her heart.
The too freinds cryed and cryed so did suzzies family.
The End.
The Love trasformer
Once upon a time there was a love trasformer who loved to play withe kids she loved kids so much she only played with kids. Only kids! understand what the books tite is. start reading! 
One big day it was her Birthday! She blew out the cadels. She had a Birthbay Party it included swimming. She turned 19.

Valen cat wich was animated Hello Kitty was 20 a year ago shes 21.
What's my Valentine?
Once upon a time there was a kitty and Bunny. The Bunny will get a Valentine from: Kitty. Bunny wants to know what it is. "What's my Valentine?" said Bunny. Kitty said "I'm not telling you or any one you know.
The next day Bunny got a real septer for a Valentine so did Kitty. They said "Thank you".
The next year on Sofie the love trasformer's Birthday they went fishing. She turned 20.
The giant Heart
Once upon a time there was a planet called candy world. Every thing was made of candy except people. Everyone loves it there. The ocaen in mad of chewed up Hot pink gum. The trees are made of lollypops. Every one is happy there the cars are made of lightning mcqeen fruit snacks. Houses are made of gummy houses. But that planet is a Heart. The End.
The Valentines Hug
Once upon a time there was a little girl. The little girls name was Grace every time her mom named Jenny left she asked for a hug and kiss. one fine day Jenny had to go to a meating that lasted an hou she asked for 5 kisses. That happend again & again & again & again & again until Valentines day then Grace got a giant Valenines Hug.
exposotory text

[She is pointing out that this last item is expository because it is not fiction like the rest. This collection is probably my favorite collection of Valentine stories ever. ]


Angie Lewis said...

She is quite the author! Isn't she in Kindergarten or 1st grade? Either way, that's pretty amazing (and such a treasure!)! :)

The Yoder's Four said...

"This is the worst day ever." HA!! Expository text?! What are you teaching this kid??

Jesse Bramall said...

Remember when I used a five syllable word in like sixth or eighth grade and you told me I was too young to use words that big? Expository text.

She is definitely your daughter, lol!

Brittany said...

Poor Suzzie. :) I love her stories and the illustration

The Stratton's said...

This girl kills me! She's such an amazing little writer. The Love Transformer picture is my favorite of all time.