13 March 2013

Leetle Update

I am not dead, pregnant, or in Young Womens, as we all usually seem to be when we drop off of the blogosphere for long periods of time.

However, I do have exciting news. A couple of months ago, Alex started prepping me with the idea that at some point he would like to sell our house, and that it was a good time to buy. I hate change more than anyone I know, and resist it as much as possible. So we decided not to move. Then I started feeling like that might be a bad decision since it was based exclusively in my deep-rooted need for things to NOT CHANGE EVER. So we started house shopping and prepared our house to sell.

We put it on the market early last week, and had an offer Thursday, which we accepted Friday. So now, we will be homeless by mid-April. Thankfully, Alex's magnanimous parents are currently allowing us to invade their lovely home until we find something else.

We have made offers on a couple of very attractive short sales, but they might both be long shots. For now I am feeling very uncertain about where we will be living. My main criteria is that Grace stay in Spanish Immersion, and Alex's is that the garage be larger than our previous one-car man cave.

For now, please send positive homey vibes our way.


The Stratton's said...

You're very observant... I totally lost time to blog when I got called to YW. You totally made me laugh when I read that. I'm glad to know you won't be disappearing... and that I should be able to see you still :) I just wish so badly that you could move into our neighborhood! Sounds like it was meant to be.

The Yoder's Four said...

Well, that escalated quickly! I am impressed you managed to get a buyer so fast. Good luck finding a new place--how exciting!

mj said...

I will so miss being in the same bedroom with the baby when I visit. Perhaps you'll send him to me... for a week or six months or something?