05 June 2013

Confessions for Summer

1. It is a bad idea to try fixing your farmer tan by putting tanning oil on the white parts and sunscreen on the tan parts. This idea might lead someone to have white rings around their biceps, which you might call a farmer ring instead of a farmer tan? I have one, as well as some really red shins. Is red any better than pasty white? I am starting to question that.

2. I stayed longer than I planned at the swimming pool with my children today because a bunch of my friends showed up, and I love them. I miss them since I started working, because I have to leave our usual lunch together early to go to work.  But the point of this is, my late staying caused Scott to be completely exhausted on the way home, and he just cried and yelled, "I TIOHED" the whole way home, meaning, "I TIRED!" I felt bad for him, but man, it was funny stuff.

3. Our pet tortoise is named Max. I have a nic name for him where I add a cutesy syllable at the end, and then another word after it. Sadly, I cannot say this nic name out loud when anyone respectable is around except for Alex. And even then I giggle, because it is embarrassing to say, but it just sort of slips out.

4. Final confession: I am super glad I listened to Alex when he said it was time to move, because we are going to close on a dreamy house in about two weeks. The house is magnificent. The yard is magnificent. My garden is going to be magnificent after much work. I hope to post pictures soon thereafter, and share its loveliness.


The Yoder's Four said...

I can't wait to see your new house and yard! EEeek, how exciting!!

angela michelle said...

Also, you cannot fix your farmer tan in order to wear a cap sleeve shirt to church by putting blush on your upper arm. Because then the poor boy sitting next to you in church ends up with a pink Sunday shirt.

Congrats on the new house!

The Stratton's said...

Maxi pad? :)