08 July 2013

La Casa Nueva

Well, we are finally in the new house, approximately seven minutes away from our old place. I have been meaning to clean the house to immaculateness and take BHG photos for awhile now, and apparently that is not going to happen. So here you may view a few tidbits of its cluttered splendor.

This is the family room, which is a very large room which is open to a ceiling that is two stories high. I have no idea how to decorate all of those blank walls, nor do I know what to do with the vast plant shelves going around the whole thing. 

Outside, there is an awesome wrap around porch with garden beds like this, which really flip my skirt:

Or they are like this now. They were mostly grass with a few flowers before. Now they have more flowers, and are still grassy. It is a work in progress.  This is the other side of the family room you saw above. It is an open floor plan with the kitchen looking over at the family room and dining room. We had a bridal shower here last weekend, as well as a family thing on the fourth of July, and it is working out great for that stuff.
This next one is the most important room in the house. I am hogging the "den" for a sewing room, and it is a very happy place.
Here you can see that the front of the house is occluded by a large wall of pine trees. We have some plans to trim them a little in the fall when it is less injurious to the trees. That garden bed above is on the left, and on the right I have only done about a foot and a half worth of weeding.
The kids love it. There are bedrooms enough that they would each have their own if we hadn't set one aside for guests. Feel free to make your reservations, friends and family far away. So far the guest room has been used twice, and is reserved for later in the month as well. We are loving the new place, and I am loving that Miss Grace can walk to one of her grandmas' houses for piano lessons or popsicles.

We still have some unpacked boxes, but let's not talk about that. Hope everyone is having a wonderful July. We had a great Fourth. Hooray for Freedom and for cute little boys!



The Stratton Family said...

Cute house! I LOVE the tall ceilings! Plant shelves are a pain, huh!? I was all sorts of excited about them in our house, until I had to decorate them! We miss you in the ward! Especially little Scott in nursery!!

Linz said...

What a wonderful home!! So cute!! congratulations!

Liz Marble said...

pick me pick me! it looks gorgeous!

The Yoder's Four said...

NICE HOUSE! I am jealous of your sewing spot in the den. And I don't envy you those tall, empty walls. We have plant shelves, too, but unless you're into a lot of tchotkes, I'd leave them bare.

Good luck unpacking those last few boxes, those are the worst!