19 August 2013

Reasons to Relax

Lately I have noticed that I am a little uptight, so I am making myself a list of reasons to relax:

1. School is back in session, and now my middle child will be gone for half of the day to be academically challenged instead of maternally challenged. This can help me relax because
  a. less cleaning
  b. more sewing
  c. three hours in which I will not be begged for every kind of food in the kitchen and argued with when I say "No. It is not mid-morning snack time for another 17 minutes!"

2. Rather than cut her fingers off and have a C Section, my dear sister Sara opted for a nice tame VBAC this time. She even came and labored at my house and in my nice new tub for awhile. I feel very relaxed now that my irrational fears that something terrible would happen are allayed.

Pearl Birth 2013-5
This is the magnificent pear of perfection she brought forth over the weekend:

Pearl Birth 2013-3

I can feel my blood pressure lower just looking at that sweet hair and perfect round little head. She is a girl, by the way. I simply must go sniff her head again this afternoon.

3. The community garden season is nearly over. If I can make it through the next two months, I can then devote my time to my own yard and garden for awhile. Hooray!

4. The laundry is half done, and well on its way to finished.

5. I recently called Alex's cousin, who is a therapist, and she told me some good ideas of ways to let go of my guilt over my awesome house. Soon I will do that, and that will help me relax also.

I think that is enough for now. I could think of more, but I am not going to stress about it. See? Better already.


The Yoder's Four said...

So relieved that Sara was able to have a normal, non-catastrophic delivery! What a darling little butterball. She looks like a Bramall to me.

I have high hopes of "relaxing" a little more now that school is back in. When Luke starts preschool in a few weeks, then I'll really be in business.

Anonymous said...

I can only say after seeing your awesome house that you have a LOT to feel guilty about!

But since you readily share that with me and let me play with Henry and Grace and Jethro and Max, I am willing to say you should lose the guilt.

You don't feel guilty about anything else... STOP IT!

Tigger said...

Jen. I love ya sis! Thanks for giving me permission to go into labor that day! My body listened. Please come and sniff Pearl anytimeyou want to! :)

Your house is awesome! I can see why you feel guilty, but you and Alex have worked hard and made many sacrifices. Darn it! You need to RELAX and ENJOY your beautiful new home!