16 September 2013

Vote for Farmer John

This is a photo of my cute dad. He has served on the city council in Hurricane for quite a few years. I wanted to share a little conversation I had with him about his current campaign for mayor.

Me: "Dad, are you going to campaign?"
Dad: "No. I am just going to put up four signs. My budget was $400, and they were $100 each, so I only got four."
Me: "So that's it, huh?"
Dad: "Yeah, I figure if the time I have spent on the city council isn't good enough for the voters, then oh well. Besides, if I have only four signs, it is easy to remember where they are when I have to clean them up."

And that was about it. I am sad we moved to a neighboring town, because it would have been a great pleasure for me to vote for my dad as mayor of Hurricane. I encourage all of my three Hurricane readers to vote for him. If based only on our brief conversation you may gather the following about my dad:

1. He knows how to stick to a budget.
2. He looks for the simple solution.
3. He cares about the city and is willing to devote a lot of time to that caring.
4. He will clean up the signage mess he makes.

Some things you might not gather, but that I think are still good reasons:

1. He is a nice guy, very down to earth and approachable, and a good listener.
2. He will no longer be serving in his current church capacity sometime in the spring, which I know is a concern for some people. His assignments would only overlap by a couple or a few months at the most.
3. He is a great dad and has mostly daughters. This means he interacts well with men and women.
4. He is a local business man, and so he is good at interacting with businesses who want to make their home in Hurricane.
5. He gets things done.
6. He would encourage you to vote even if he knew you would not vote for him because he loves freedom and is very patriotic.
7. He is my dad, so naturally you know he is awesome because I inherited it from him.

So there you have it. I officially endorse my dad, John Bramall, for mayor of Hurricane. Don't forget to vote in November!


The Stratton's said...

Love it. Well said, Jenny :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Your dad is awesome! Hope he wins!