01 November 2013

Happy Halloween

Superman and I began at the library. Superman was only convinced to change into his costume after we arrived, and he saw that he was the only child not dressed up.

There he sourly sat in my lap while everyone else, including me, had a great time singing and playing games. Then it was time to get a treat bag, so he dragged his little self off of my lap to get his booty.

Next up, we went to the Lava Ninja's costume parade. On the way, Superman ate one of his candy bars with nougat and caramel. He gagged on the caramel and nougat. Then threw it up all down his costume. Thank heavens for wet wipes to the rescue. We still got to see the Ninja on parade.

Our next stop was lunch at Aunt Sara's before I, the witch, had to leave for work. We put Superman's costume in the laundry. It came out nicely with no trace of barf smell.

After work I picked up Grace, ie Vanellope Von Schweetz of Wreck it Ralph fame, from her costume parade, and we continued to Alex's (Matthew Quigley, complete with facial hair) work party. 

After Matthew Quigley's work party and quick jaunts to see grandmas and grandpas, I passed out candy while Quigley took the kids trick or treating.

The best news of all is that Quigley shaved last night. He will be cutting his curls today. They have their charm, but I love a short cropped cut on him so much more.

Hope everyone had a splendid and safe Halloween! 

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The Yoder's Four said...

Ahh, Halloween! Nothing like forcing the kids to dress up and have fun, huh! Luke was not excited about his costume, even though it was way awesome. Hmph.