30 December 2013

Late December

We have been shaking the branches of this tree.
After the nuts fell on the tarps, we hulled them.

Next, we are going to order this useful nutcracker,

crack these babies, and enjoy their golden deliciousness.

I finished this little baby size plus sign quilt for a class on my long arm machine, and I think I will use it for my little mugwamp due in May.

I love this ridiculous floral back. Someone gave this fabric away at a quilt guild auction because they didn't want it anymore. Score.

Finally, we did not miss one of my favorite traditions, which is looking at Christmas lights with our cool holographic glasses. Pay no attention to the recycling that looks like hoarding. The corrugated bins were stuffed nigh unto overflowing, and we had to keep it an extra couple of days. Ugh.

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The Yoder's Four said...

I love that quilt!!

You should have seen our post-Christmas recycling hoard. Cedar City's recycling company went out of business and we still have those puny yellow binnies, but nowhere for cardboard or glass. So we had to take a giant load to St. George. I wish So. Utah would get with the picture already!