20 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Here is our Christmas Letter, since I may or may not get around to physical copies. 

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had a busier year than usual at the Chamberlain household.

Early in the year, Alex decided that we needed to move. After Jenny utterly refused, she realized that she should not be a controlling hag and should allow her husband to have his say every once in awhile.

We spent the late winter preparing our house to sell. We put it on the market in early March, and it went under contract that week. After we had trolled the housing market for several months in preparation for our sale, the house we wanted came on the MLS 30 minutes after we went under contract on our sale.

Alex's parents graciously housed us during the three and a half months between our offer and purchase, and we moved into our new house in late June.

Alex is still working at Dixie State University teaching photography and graphic design. He also works for a company called Endevr, the makers of Strengthtape, the best KT tape on the market. He does video and other visual production in their marketing department, and has sadly had no time to build robots this year.

Jenny taught English all year at Liahona Academy, a residential treatment center for teenage boys. She loved working there, but will be quitting in mid to late December to prepare for a new baby and take an art class next spring. She is past the unpleasant part of pregnancy, and plans to pursue quilting professionally now that she will not be teaching English.

Grace continues Spanish Immersion, self publishes magnificent children's books on a regular basis, and sets trends in Pink fashion. She began piano lessons in the fall, and is currently learning Princess Leia's theme. Her parents are very pleased, indeed.

Henry began Kindergarten this year. He says he does not like school, but his mother is quite certain he secretly likes it. He has only had one letter home from the school leadership about incidents so far, and we hope our punishments have been sufficiently severe to prevent any future problems on the bus.

Scott's vocabulary increases daily, and Alex was recently disappointed when Scott started saying horsey more accurately instead of delighting us by asking his father to be a hussy all the time. Scott's favorite show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates, with a particular affinity for the Pirate Princess episode.

Much love and wishes of a Happy New Year to you and yours!

Alex, Jenny, Grace, Henry, Scott and the Boy who has not yet been named


Kyle, Alicia, and Jaxson said...

Oh my goodness!! Congrats,a baby on the way!! That's so exciting!! Sounds like you guys have had a great 2013. Next time we are down that way (who knows when that will be. It's already been a year since we have graced the southern part of Utah with our presence)we definitely need to get together! I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas!!

Kyle, Alicia, and Jaxson

The Yoder's Four said...

Haha, I love your Christmas letters! And holy cow, you have had a busy year. I'm excited for all the fun things that are happening for you guys.