14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

I decided that starting February first I would go without treats until the baby is born, because my sister read somewhere that high sugar intake makes your skin less elastic. My Day of One Treat Prior to Delivery was to be only my birthday in April, because there is a Marie Callender Chocolate Turtle pie in the freezer which I bought on sale a few months ago for my birthday.

However, after a couple of weeks off of sweets, I decided to allow myself one treat day a month. So I get to have a treat today, one in the middle of March for the kick off of birthday season in our house, and one for my birthday.

For this auspicious occasion, I asked Alex to get us some See's chocolate. I will be eating one white key lime chocolate, and a caramel of his choosing. I have been thinking about these chocolates a lot, and I am excited that it is Valentines Day!

I got the children each a coloring book and one of the extra packs of Skittles from Henry's box, because his kindergarten class does not have 25 children. I was feeling pretty rotten as a mother last night, since I had got them nothing. Then I remembered those things were stashed away, and felt much better. 

I am not sure if it is sugar deprivation adjustment, but earlier this week I seem to have entered the fun hormonal part of pregnancy. Magically, every time the song above comes on the radio and I am in the car I burst into tears. Both times (yes, it has happened twice this week) I have been thinking about something else mildly troubling, but it seems to have been the song that set me to pull over and finish crying mode. May you all have a Happy Valentines Day and enjoy this beautiful song. It probably won't even make you cry. 


The Yoder's Four said...

I don't think I have the kind of commitment required to give up sweets. Heavens.

Btw, stay away from those P&G Olympics commercials that are dedicated to moms right now. I am such a boob when it comes to those.

Marti said...

Missing song?