25 July 2014

Happy Pioneer Day

 We celebrated Pioneer day yesterday. I ran home to nurse him, and missed the entire parade, which is a sad consequence of living in a small town. Then we all headed down to the town breakfast and musical program, which was very high quality. Alex sang his infamous version of Follow the Prophet to conclude the program. As you can see above, Kaleb had a grand time at the festivities.
 Grace is with her excellent primary teacher. I only got a photo of the boys eating breakfast, and it was not super exciting, so they are sadly left out of this post.
 And the real reason for this post is here: I have to brag because I am having the best personal tomato year of my life.
Are these tomatoes beautiful, or what? I love the varied colors. I think the yellow/orange ones aren't quite as flavorful as some of the red varieties, but I have to do some more taste testing to confirm that. It is certainly the case with the ample cherry vs. yellow pear tomatoes I have been eating and giving away in abundance.

I have adopted the role of local Zucchini Fairy as a form of therapy for some stresses I am facing right now. So far this summer my family has had all the zukes we want, and on top of that I have given away well over 20 of the little buggers. My grandfather, who taught food science and nutrition on a college level for many years, passed away this spring. I decided that he is watching over my garden, blessing me with this amazing and abundant harvest while I am busy with the baby. Thanks, Grandpa! This photo is of him and my grandma at their 50th wedding anniversary party. I think they are very cute, and now we are praying for Grandma, too. She has recently had to have some very heavy duty things done at the hospital, and her grief is also weighing on her.

In other news, my dear Alex seems to have become a rather decent photographer, whose work is worth looking at if you have not already seen it on the Face Space. You may view some of his work at 500px, HERE.

He also won a place in Really Right Stuff's 2013 Fire contest last year, which you can see HERE.

Well, that is probably enough horn-tooting for this evening. I wouldn't want my genetically big head to get any bigger.


The Stratton's said...

I'm so in love with your garden success! Thanks for sharing with us that one time. I hope my garden gets much more love and attention next year.

The Yoder's Five said...

I was a food science major! Cool!

That is a lot of tomatoes. We just planted cherry ones mostly, but our growing season started in June, so.....only four tiny tomatoes harvested so far.

Alex is doing some crazy awesome night sky/landscape pics. You need to keep us posted on when his next workshop is!