13 October 2014


Recently I wrote a note to Mother Nature on Facebook, reminding her that it is October. I thought she must have forgotten. Thankfully, today did not break the 80s in temperature, and I am very relieved about that.

I have not forgotten my dear little blog. I have just had a lot on my mind. Thankfully, I watched this TED Talk the other morning, and that helped me feel that any stress I am under will not, in fact, kill me, but my body's response to it will help me cope. Hooray.

I am growing a rather large pumpkin, and hoping in future years to grow a legitimately large one. It sounds, from friends who know, like to be a real Big Deal pumpkin it has to weigh over 100 lbs, and I have not weighed mine, but I don't think it does. I will post a picture of it after I have picked it, and it is on the porch with children next to it, to show scale.

 This is my other little pumpkin. Please don't tell him I cross dressed him to advertise his aunty's awesome knitting pattern. He is cute regardless of how he dresses. I could eat him up.

And these are my two oldest pumpkins on the first day of 1st and 3rd grades. Yes, I let them dress themselves, and yes, the girl is better at it. I could use lessons from her.

Now, if you can all pray that our primary program this weekend goes off without a hitch, I will be most obliged.

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The Yoder's Five said...

Are you still the Primary chorister? Good luck!

Your children are adorable. Can't believe that Grace is in 3rd grade.

I am now finding that weeks can go by without blogging. I am familiar with this whole stress issue.