29 November 2014


 We live next to several very amazing Christmas Light Enthusiasts, and that might be putting it mildly. The photo above does not remotely convey the magic of the season that lies next door and down the street from us. These lights are truly something that must be experienced and appreciated first-hand.

Last year, even into mid January my children asked if we could drive down the street every time we came home. So we, in our gratitude, decided that our lights should support giving credit where credit is due:

We might put some more up later, as the joyous spirit continues to trickle in our direction from the epicenter of awesomeness down the street.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That... is what you put up? An arrow?

I think you should dress Grace up as Mary, have Henry play Joseph and Kaleb can, of course, go as jesus... and put on your own human Nativity.

Jethro will make a fine angel. He's got the face for it.