10 September 2015

This Can Be Made Ahead

A long time ago, I used to read recipes and see a little note: "This can be made ahead." I used to feel a mixture of amusement and bewilderment that anyone would make their food ahead. Don't we all just make food and eat it? Does anyone ever worry that far in advance about food that they prepare it a day ahead of time?  Is there any person who is truly that organized?

Then I had children. Now some of them go to school. And I understand the need for making food ahead. I did not realize that this little phrase was a warning call from people who Know.

I did not realize that I would travel a journey to the depths of insanity in butting my head against my seven year old son's head (a rock) about doing a 5 minute math page and reading two brief 50 word books every day. I had no idea that while I chopped lettuce, and seared chicken, I would endanger my fingers and fire alarm by distraction with my piano practice harping, picking up after a one year old emptying All the Things, and spontaneous searches for a terrifyingly silent four year old.

Unlike long ago, I now basically only want food that can be made ahead. Like, during the baby's naptime. I also prefer that someone else make it, who also cleans up their own mess, and entertains my four year old with stimulating and educational activities while I take my nap.

So, I guess this post is just to let you recipe writers know that I get it now. Food can and should be made ahead whenever possible. I am sorry I laughed at you inside. Now I just dream big that someday all food will be made ahead.

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Sammy Iverson said...

I heart you. You good mom you. you are amazing.