11 October 2015

Please Bless our House Not to Light on Fire

For some time now, my older children have included a phrase in their prayers every night, and also at most meals. It is: "Please bless our house to be safe and not to light on fire."

It all started sometime in the last year or so when there were two very serious house fires in our community. One of the homes caught the garage next door on fire, and the family in that house had a little girl in Grace's class. Naturally, Grace heard all about the fire at school and became very worried. She started these fire prayers, and then the boys caught on to them as well.

The initial two fires happened only a few weeks apart from each other.  Then, a few weeks after that, my friend got up and shared her testimony in sacrament meeting (on what is basically open mic day at LDS church) about how her family was blessed when she checked on something at her parents' house and smelled an electrical fire smell, which prevented a huge disaster because her parents were gone on a mission.

So at this point, our kids prayers became very compulsive about the fire thing. After numerous, effectual, fervent anti-fire prayers, I thought we had probably had enough, and started encouraging my children to branch out. Sometimes I even told them they really need to stop praying for this every time—to no avail. 

So tonight, we were sitting at my mother-in-law's house when Grace said, "There is a fire over there!" pointing at the neighbor's house. Alex stood up, and said, "I wonder if that is on purpose." He ran over, and I, who apparently do not worry enough about fire, looked over to where Grace was pointing. I saw some orange flames through the bushes, but thought "I'm sure Greg is just burning some weeds or something." About 10 minutes later, Alex had not returned, and a FIRE ENGINE came wailing into town, pulled up next to the house, and proceeded to help them finish putting out the fire. Because there was a big fire, and it was endangering their house. Their house lit on fire. It's true. The blaze was apparently caused by a propane tank that exploded under their barbecue after they had cooked dinner on it, and the fireman had to take a pickax to the back of the house to get the smoldering to stop. Fortunately, the family was home and heard the blast, and they got out very easily and safely. The structural damage was minimal, though it will take some time and money to repair.

I think the moral of this story is: if your children start compulsively praying for your house not to light on fire, it is legit. Let them pray however they want. Maybe you should listen to them, and take a note.

 Captainess of the Anti-Fire Prayers League
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Emily said...

Those are very cute pictures of your very cute kids. That little one really does look dangerous.

Jen said...

Thank you Emily. He is a great danger to himself, and not so much others except for me and my poor worried heart.