28 October 2015

Positive Reinforcement

Last night I had planned a delicious soup for dinner. However, due to time constraints, a tiring day, and a suggestive text from a kind person, I decided that rather than make a healthy home cooked meal I would take my children to get cheap, unhealthy, easy pizza.

I consulted with the kids first, and they were very supportive of the plan change. They thanked me, all three of them separately, and one of them TWICE.

They have got this positive reinforcement thing down.

I feel a little jaded that for my carefully planned, home cooked, healthy meals I get the most dramatic, tireless resistance possible. "I'm not eating that. I don't WANT to! Do I have to eat (INSERT HEALTHIEST ITEMS ON TABLE)?" Which I interpret as, "We don't care a speck that you slaved the last hour disguising these vegetables as a delicious and nutritious dinner. We don't care about your feelings whatsoever, in fact. Have a horrible dinner, Mother." In other words, serious negative reinforcement.

But not for quick, cheap, nutritionally dirty pizza. No. For pizza I get shining puppy dog eyes of eternal gratitude, the fastest loading of my family vehicle ever, and effusive, glowing thanks and praise all the way to the stinking pizza drive through. As if I never feed them anything delicious, and today is the best day ever. Grrr. 

Well, my Halloween wish for these little dears is that they will grow up to parent little pizza grubbing nutrition haters just like themselves. Bah. Humbug. 

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