02 March 2016


I decided late last year to work on one of society's problems. The problem is that we undervalue unpaid caregivers, leaving them neglected, depressed, and at times dead before the person they care for, such as in many Alzheimer's cases.

So I am working on this new website to Honor Caregivers in my small corner of the internet. Since I started this project, the following things have happened at home:

We have had to cut down, chop up, and haul away 9 large pine trees from our front yard, because one of them fell over.

Every person in my family has been very sick, including several strep throats and a nasty virus. At one point all six of us were on antibiotics at the same time.

My daughter has had lice, which I personally have never experienced. That was a grand treatment and laundry adventure, ending yesterday in the suggested second treatment just to be safe.

Donald Trump is on the road to getting the Republican nomination, which basically means the end of freedom in America. Ugh. I hate him, and I don't hate anyone*.

I personally have been sick three times. I have been the sickest this last time, and have been flat on my back on the couch or in bed for four of the last seven days.

In the meantime I have interviewed 6 women, and each interview has lifted my heart and spirit in a way I cannot describe. My take away from all of this is something my husband always repeats to me when I feel like giving up.

"Never mistake opposition for divine disapproval."

I am just going to repeat that to myself until I can say it all the way through without coughing afterward. Never give up! Never surrender!

The following pictures are two of my consolations in this terrible time:

Curbside recycling, baby. The dawn of civilization, right here in my small town.

My Doritos addiction. They have got me through some rough times. Thanks Doritos.

* really I almost don't. And also, a sidenote, if he loses to a woman, basically my whole life will be worth living again, and freedom shall ring in the ironic justice of it all. 


Marie Burdette said...

I love this blog. I love your project. I love everything you said here, and if the Donalds gets the nomination, then by golly HILLARY '16!!! Feel better soon, O Sick Ones.

Holly said...

Yeah but Hillary to me is about the same as electing Cruella Da Ville. Who made up this 2 choice system anyways? How about going back to an electoral college or whatever they used for only one election?