22 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

For Alex, 2016 brought an exciting trip through Yankee Doodle canyon in February, during which he at one point found himself under the water, holding his gear above the water, to get through a tight spot in the canyon. He had a very guilty look on his face when he got home, which gave Jenny great concern. He currently spends his spare time in the company of digital dinosaurs.

Jenny spent her early summer in Florida converting away from her previous distaste for all things Disney Park at Disney world. She started a position at a law firm as an assistant in the late spring and suggests that you all put any real property you have in a trust to prevent probate court for your heirs.

For Grace, the fall brought fifth grade. She is in the oldest class in her school. With some friends she has a Harry Potter Book group, which is very magical. She was a Holyhead Harpy for Halloween. Spanish is going great, and she crafts all over every surface of her life imaginable.

For Henry the year has been filled with his developing love for legos, as well as a major man-crush on his third grade teacher. He loves going to school, and his parents love that he loves it. When the word “persistence” came up for vocabulary, he was the only one in his whole class who knew exactly what it meant.

Scott's kindergarten teacher sent him off to first grade because he was reading too well, and now he has to go to school all day as a first grader. He seems to be adjusting to the new rigors well, although he misses some of his kindergarten buddies.

Kaleb's vast stores of energy amaze all who attend him. His favorite servant of choice at this time is his mother, although he is also frequently known to allow his father, his Aunt Sara, and other beloved family members to fill his needs.

We did have to cut down the lovely tall pine trees from our front yard this year after an accident in which one of them tried to attack our house, but failed. We have planted some Sycamores in their place, and we hope they will be better behaved than their predecessors. To fill the hole left in our hearts by the trees, we added on to the inside of our house. From that experience we learned that we never want to add on to house again, and feel compelled to discourage friends and loved ones from the same. Just say no to home improvement.
We hope that you and yours have the ugliest sweaters at your parties and the Merriest of Christmas Seasons. 

PS I would like to apologize to any paper recipients of this letter for the typo, which I discovered after sending half of them. I'm sorry. I love you all.   -Jen


Emily said...

I love all you Chamberlains! I'm glad we shared so many memories in 2016.

Lolene said...

Well. I loved this blog. There has to be a story behind the title "Rowena's Rants." How did Jen become Rowena? Come clean!

The Yoder's Five said...

I also discovered a typo in the paper copy of my letter I sent out to family -- the horrors!

Grace was a Holyhead Harpy?! NICE!

Jen said...

I assumed the name Rowena because I feel like I am a weirder person than the common name of Jenny suggests. If I had an awesome name like Lolene, I would have stuck with that.

Jen said...

Me too, but about you!

Holly said...

Perhaps someday I will name a significant person in my life "Rowena" in your honor.