22 December 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas Friends and Family,

Another year has come and gone for the Chamberlains, and we are here to share our report. We went to Disneyland for the first time as a complete family, and we stopped at Huntington beach afterward. We bonded in the car together in LA traffic for many hours.

Jenny passed the real estate sales agent exam and become licensed this year. She has had some health ups and downs, but is still mostly functional. She looks forward to experiencing the real and raw emotion of having a teenage daughter in the spring.

Alex still loves teaching, and has started offering an animation emphasis at DSU. He’s been creating dinosaurs and having them fight on the computer in his office. In other words, he has reached Nerdvana.

Grace is in her last year before being the first teenager of the house. How she got here, her parents don’t know. She is rocking pre-adolescence with many small balls she makes out of yarn, a new bedroom, and a shorter haircut which she gave herself on the first day of school. She made some of her friends and loved ones toothpick dolls of themselves this year, and they were well-loved.

Henry currently enjoys reading the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid, telling and appreciating body humor jokes, and drawing superheroes with a lot of weapons and armor (all meticulously labeled). He is very much a ten year old boy, and soon he will go to eleven.

 Scott has had a good year so far at school, where he shines academically, and looks amazing in his Llama Christmas sweater. None of the ladies can resist him. And by “the ladies,” we especially mean his mother. He is a great cuddler. If he had to choose between a Llama sweater and pajamas for daily wear, he might pick the pajamas.

Kaleb started preschool with the online Upstart program, as well as Miss. Liz Takau’s Happy Days preschool (These days are ours). He loves both, and decided when they reached the letter Z that he didn’t have to go anymore since he learned all of his letters. His mother disagrees and cruelly keeps sending him. He is currently ending the year with a bang, having contracted a scorching case of scarlet fever. Go big or go home, we always say!

Hope your 2019 is magical and free of infectious disease,

Jenny, Alex, Grace, Henry, Scott, and Kaleb

Photos in no particular order:

Christmas Kid Pic
Wheeler Peak, September
Huntington Beach, June
 Little Finland, February

 Canyon overlook

 Grandma Grace, me, and my Grace at my cousin Sam's Wedding

Kolob Terrace, January

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